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"We can tell from the quality of service, from the attention to detail and the relationships we have built with InterTech that they really have our best interests at heart."

Mike Sours, Director of IT & Services
Geometric Technologies

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Innovative and Reliable Colocation Services Provider

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Introducing InterTech's new Data Center, Private Cloud and Colocation Services
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Colocation services are a popular way for businesses to realize significant savings in hardware and telecommunication costs and reduce the load on overworked IT departments, while improving security and responsiveness of their web site, data backup, servers and other network infrastructure.  

InterTech is a premium colocation service provider.  We offer our clients a wide range of colocation options, including colocation cages, colocation cabinets, high density colocation and even hard walled, private data center suites.  We make no compromises.  When you entrust your data and network services to us, you can count on the fact that it’s safe, secure and always available.  We design, build and operate our colocation facilities to meet or exceed the highest standards, providing 100% uptime with SAS70 Type II certification.  You don’t even have to switch telcos; our server colocation services are carrier neutral, providing access to over a dozen popular telecommunications carriers.  

Colocation service providers have become an increasingly popular option for many businesses.  Ensuring that crucial systems are secure, monitored, accessible at all times, backed up and provided with the hardware and bandwidth needed to perform at optimal levels can be extremely expensive.  Many companies lack the trained IT staff required to operate their own data center and those that have the necessary staff often find that the demands on their time needed to maintain network infrastructure cut into availability for other critical tasks.  Success and growth often mean that businesses -especially those that rely heavily on web sites- face challenges in optimizing server performance and meeting bandwidth demands.  Switching from trying to do everything in-house to using a colocation service solution from InterTech means taking advantage of our experienced IT professionals, moving your systems onto our state of the art hardware and saying good-bye to network latency issues thanks to our bandwidth capacity.

Security is always a concern and when companies are collecting and storing sensitive client data or proprietary competitive information, computer systems, web sites and networks are notoriously difficult to lock down.  As a leading colocation provider, our facilities are SAS70 Type II certified.  This means that we have passed stringent audits testing our internal controls and operational effectiveness.  We have processes in place that ensure your system is always operational and your data is always secure.  The premises at our colocation facilities are physically protected by security staff who are stationed on-site 24/7, we employ defined access lists and biometric screening technology and closed-circuit TV surveillance is also installed throughout the buildings.  

The bottom line is, with InterTech's managed services, your systems are always online and secure.  Your business can save money instead of continually investing in incremental network and hardware upgrades, your IT staff are freed up for other projects and our highly secure colocation facilities are certified to meet or exceed internationally recognized standards that your clients and investors will appreciate.