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"If not for InterTech, Aspire would still be a small business with a one-man IT department unable to take advantage of the kind of opportunities Aspire has been offered."

Angie Ruiz, CEO
Aspire Design

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Reliable Private Cloud Hosting Services and Computing

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Introducing InterTech's new Data Center, Private Cloud and Colocation Services
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Private Cloud Hosting Services SkyTo learn more about InterTech's private cloud services, please e-mail us at or call 1.800.866.0641.

With InterTech's managed private cloud hosting services, you only pay for the services you need. It's a great way to reduce costs, gain efficiencies and enhance the overall management, reliability and accessibility of your existing infrastructure solutions.

Another benefit of InterTech's private cloud managed IT services is access to backup and recovery services at a predictable monthly cost. You don't need to build a data center to ensure business continuity. Save your money and use InterTech's private cloud managed IT services to meet your compliance and business continuity needs. We'll show you where your data is being stored and secured and even give you a tour of our facility.

At InterTech, we've invested in a highly secure and redundant virtual data center so you don't have to. Our private cloud computing services can be customized to meet your business needs and include:

  • Hosted Virtual Private Server Simplify and secure your IT infrastructure by using our dedicated Hosted Virtual Private Server. Offered as a private, managed cloud service, you'll always know exactly where your data resides, and you'll have access to it 24/7. Our dedicated hosted virtual private servers provide businesses with a great entry point into realizing the benefits of cloud computing. Think of it as a no-hassle way to optimize your hardware resources, secure your data and maximize efficiencies.

  • Hosted Virtual Network Tired of managing the day-to-day headaches and hardware of the network? With InterTech's dedicated Hosted Virtual Network, you gain all the efficiencies of private cloud computing and managed services in one complete solution. For a fixed fee, we'll secure and manage the network, keep the hardware refreshed and ensure your team has access to what they need, when they need it.

  • Virtual Machine (VM) Data Center Replication Services When it comes to online backup and disaster recovery, not every business has the same needs. If you already have a data center onsite and simply want the assurance of a scheduled, cloud-based back up, we've got you covered. InterTech's Active Passive VM Data Center Replication Services offer an affordable, scheduled, daily backup and restore service. If you need real-time backup and recovery services that minimize downtime and ensure that it's back to business as usual, then be sure to check out our Active Active VM Data Center Replications Services.

  • Data Center Managed Services Already made the investment in a data center, but don't have the bandwidth to support the IT service needed to keep it running at optimal performance? No problem. InterTech's 24/7/365 Data Center Managed Services offer the expertise and remote management you need to keep your data center secure and reliable.

  • Remote Hands All InterTech services come with our signature remote hands, white glove services. What does this mean for InterTech customers? When there's trouble with the network, we fix it without question. For businesses not under InterTech's service umbrella, but actively using our data center for co-location, we're happy to extend our signature remote hands service on a fixed-fee basis.

Bottom line, if you're looking for a smarter, better way to manage your IT needs and infrastructure, we can help. Give us a call or e-mail us today at and take advantage of the IT expertise and private cloud services we have to offer.